Honors College Visit?

<p>I am a current high school sophomore looking to tour Bama in the fall. A main interest of mine is the Honors College; however, I am not planning on taking the ACT until November or December of my junior year. I have a 4.3 GPA, so I am hoping to do fairly well and hopefully qualify for Honors. Does it matter whether I have taken the ACT by the time I tour the Honors College? Many thanks and Roll Tide!</p>

<p>Hi and welcome! </p>

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<p>No, it doesn't matter if you haven't tested yet. I'm sure Allison will still set up a tour for you.</p>

<p>However, you might want to take the ACT and SAT this spring as practice. The SAT would be good practice for the PSAT. So, if you take the May or June SAT, you'd have some "PSAT" experience before the real one in Oct.</p>

<p>If you're a female pole vaulter, I think you're the 3rd one who has posted on this forum. I know one is now a soph at Bama...she's from Pennsylvania. But, she's not pole vaulting for Bama. She got the Presidential scholarship and is just doing her studies.</p>

<p>Thank you very much!</p>

<p>Listen to M2CK! Especially if you generally score well on standardized tests, it's worth your time to study for the PSAT since you only get one shot at it. The best advice my D received was from friend who missed the NMSF cutoff by one question the previous year. She lamented that if she'd known how much money was at stake she would have studied so she wouldn't have regrets. Previous CC thread lists schools which still offer amazing NMSF scholarships.</p>

<p>chickvaulter: My youngest son met with some of the Honors College staffers last spring when he was just a freshman. He was pretty quiet during the meeting but did come away with a very positive experience. (His older brother, who is in his third year at UA, set up the meeting but did not attend it). So do not let the lack of an ACT/SAT limit your chances of touring UA and making an Honors College visit.</p>