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Has anyone applied to the Honors College for Fall 2022? It’s definitely worth the extra effort to apply. It’s one of the best organized HCs in the country with an extensive list of small classes with great professors. Yes, you also get priority registration. There are also dorms for just HC members. I lived in the HC dorm for two years and am still friends with many of the dormmates after 30 years. Don’t be deterred by the high stats of the entering class, they look at applications holistically.

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Hi DS got accepted into Honors college I wanted to know more about it ?

Oh my! So awesome. Is he in the Houston area or would he live on campus? I lived on campus in honors housing.


Entering class of 600 students with average SAT of 1380. I particularly liked the geographic diversity in the dorms. Out of 12 of my closest friends, 3-4 were from Texas. My roommate was from Michigan and later graduated from U-M Medical School.

Key characteristics include a very robust honors course catalog, its own honors dorms, honors advising, early registration, great honors lounge in the library and great professors teaching small classes. My largest honors class outside of the Human Situation lecture was 35 students and range was 10-35. I was challenged by the quality of my fellow students and got to know them in class discourse and in the lounge. I’m still friends with the Honors College Dean and others on staff. See this incredible lineup of Faculty and Staff. index - University of Houston

The HC also offers undergrad research and great study abroad trips. This is all within the midst of a large state University that has plentiful other opportunities.

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NJ here, this was his safety school but so far likes it the best

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My son, houston local, has an offer from honors college. He will be taking CS major. He has been offered CAP option at UT which means he may be now seriously thinking about UH honors program.

How is the CS major compares to TAMU and UTD?

Engineering college is outstanding. I don’t know the specifics of the CS department but a friend of mine has a daughter that recently was down to UH and UT for CS. She thoroughly investigated UH and it was a tie until she got Turing at UT. She grew up a Coog fan.

Check out the Engineering Honors Program:

Also, since you’re in the Houston area, hopefully you can take a half day to visit the Honors College staff, see some students hanging out and learn more specifics about CS and Engineering.

Any have experience with or personal knowledge of the HBS major at UH Honors? Rigor of coursework (and grade deflation)? Graduate outcomes (med school, postgrad, etc.)? Thanks!

It looks terrific. They didn’t have this program when I was at UH. Please send further inquiries to hbs@uh.edu about outcomes, etc. I knew quite a few going to med school, pharmacy, optometry, etc.

As far as grade deflation, honors classes had higher average grades than regular classes. The honors classes were no larger than 35, like organic chemistry. My honors organic class didn’t have multiple choice questions. I frustratingly learned while figuring out the questions. Maybe that’s why I transferred to business. Haha.

I have heard mixed reactions to honor program…many especially complain about that “Situation” course (forgot the actual name) and similar courses that add to unnecessary workload. Thoughts on that?

The Human Situation is a two semester course that involves all HC students. You have a large lecture class like the one pictured in the link above. You also break out into small round table discussion classes where you dive into books’ meanings. I was a chemical engineering major and that was a bit uncomfortable for me. In High school I struggled to do well in literature classes but these classes challenged me to critically think, write and discuss. I believe I got an A- and B+. If one has AP credit for both English and literature classes I’d discuss that with the College advisor but these are seminal classes.

There are lots of courses that are available for a variety of majors. I was engineering but pre-med might be the largest focus. Business is also large.

I had to take at least one class a semester as Honors. I took about four per semester over the first couple years. Towards the end of the four years, it might get difficult to fit one in. You can petition or maybe get a waiver. Some drop out to focus on upper level class work and already have their friends and don’t need priority registration since they’re seniors. These were mostly engineering majors.

Honors also has its own career and graduate advising.

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My DS has decided on UH Honors College. I think the small college within a large university will be a good fit for him.

Awesome! It’s one of the best structured Honors Colleges in the country with its own Dean on equal footing with other College deans.

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