Honors courses for freshman premed biology major-class of 2018

<p>Have reviewed honors science courses offered. Is it better to take honors biology even though d has ap credit? Noticed that the honors Chem offered is not what is required by her biology major, only other choice is honors physics to fulfill the honors science requirement. What freshman honors courses are recommended for an honors premed biology major?</p>

<p>I do not know much about science offerings. I do know that the Honors college cautions against automatically using math and science AP credits to skip to higher level. (heard this at other schools as well so not just a USC thing).D did it with math but only after she looked at text and talked to some people. The idea is that some students may not have had a rigorous enough HS class to really stand in for college science or that maybe it has been several years (some of D’s classmates had AP bio as soph in HS) and they feel it is more important to get a good foundation than just take the credit, especially if your child in continuing to the next level of that science. For instance lots of kids D knows that on paper could exempt 2 semester of calc decided to drop back a level to be sure they had it down.</p>

<p>You need to talk to someone at honors about chemistry - it’s now been a couple of years since I heard this discussed with D’s class - but in the past honors offered a chemistry class to students who had AP chem credit but did not want to jump straight into organic. It is kind of an accelerated chem/pre-organic bridge and if they still offer that it may be why the numbers don’t seem to match up with bio requirements. That would be instead of general chem 1 and 2. The Honor college has specific premed advisors, including (I think) one who focuses on bio pre-med.</p>

<p>Look at USC general program of study to see what core classes you will need and then you can see what you might want to take. Depending on what your major needs, you can take honors section of English, language, social sciences like psychology, history, etc. D is not under new common core so I’m not as familiar with some requirements. But to start you can print of program of study and the table showing what classes you get credit for with AP and then look at class offerings</p>

<p>Maybe the d should take the lead in this?</p>

<p>Thanks scmom12. D will be taking the lead, but I am the one who likes to read CC! I find other parent comments very helpful!</p>