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<p>I'm a pre-med student, and took 16b this semester, and will most likely get an A. I want to take H53 next semester since I realised that I got a 5 on the AP (BC) exam and should probably have take 1b or something. Anyway, is there any benefit as a pre med to take this math course. Also, is there any benefit to take honours courses?</p>

<p>No, and no. Unless you talk through it, this will not raise your chances of getting into a med school by any means simply by having it on the transcript alone. It assumed you take it for the love of math.</p>

<p>Be wary of honours math courses.</p>

<p>They can range from being easier than the corresponding regular course, to literally ten times harder in terms of time investment.</p>



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<p>Why did you take 16B after getting a 5 on the AP Calculus BC test?</p>

<p>Advanced</a> Placement (AP) Examinations | Department of Mathematics at University of California Berkeley</p>

<p>Because from what I had gathered, it seemed to be the appropiate thing to do, since I had not done lagrange multiplies, too many dif eqs, and like one other topic, so I thought that I needed too. Also, they post every that "hey, our courses are more rigorous than your high school so you're probably not prepared. HTake this course".</p>

<p>Lagrange multipliers are only covered in 53. You should've taken 1B instead, it's a very good course for reviewing strategies for integration as well as sequences, series, and simple differential equations. Anyway, since you can't change things now – I strongly do not advise taking H53 after 16B. The jump in difficulty will be pretty enormous. Just take the normal 53 course, which is difficult enough, and read up on any 1B stuff that you missed, and you'll do great.</p>