Honors Day

<p>Anyone get invited for Honors Day? What should we expect? Is there a chance for more $ with the Presidential Scholarship? My daughter has already been offered the Regents. I can't imagine they'll give more but we figured since we will be heading out for a Performing Arts/Music scholarship day anyway, she may as well participate.</p>

<p>This is for a full scholarship. And even if you don’t get it, I believe there is the possibility of getting more. My DD is a junior there now and this is how I remember it working when she went to Honors Day.</p>

<p>Thanks! I ended up speaking to her Admin Counselor and he explained it all to me. I guess there are 4 full tuition scholarships and all amounts in between 1/2 and full. Not really expecting more than she received already as it was very generous… My daughter is hoping to get a little more $ for a music scholarship. We are really excited to finally see the school. She is pretty sure she will attend in the Fall, she just needs to see it to make sure. She’s my first going off to college so I’m probably way more excited and involved than I should be! :slight_smile: </p>

<p>My DD just found out that while she didn’t get the Presidential full ride scholarship (we really weren’t expecting that!) She did get an additional $2500/year in addition the the already generous scholarship she had already received. That day just added up to an extra $10,000 - definitely worth the trip out to CA!</p>