Honors diploma or general diploma

I’m a senior in high school and my guidance consular is advising me to take French three to graduate with a honors diploma. I personally don’t want to take it because the last time I took French I was a sophomore. I most likely forgot everything and I don’t want to end up having a bad grade in the class. Do selective colleges even pay attention to what type of diploma you are getting?

The most selective colleges may prefer to see a higher level achieved in foreign language. Completing French 3 would look better to them than completing only up to French 2. (Obviously, you also do not want to get a bad grade either, since poor academic performance senior year could lead to admission offers being rescinded.)

I agree that the issue is the number of years of study of a foreign language, not a label on a diploma. Schools looks at your coursework and grades, not a label your school has created (for a document you receive long after college admissions processes).

Many colleges do prefer three years, especially the more selective colleges.