Honors Dorms

<p>I’m not one hundred percent on whether I want to go to Alabama. I haven’t visited campus yet as well as some other schools on my list. Since I’m not sure I’m attending I don’t want to put down my enrollment deposit and housing deposit in order to do the housing application. So my question is what are the chances that honors dorms will still be available if I wait to do my housing stuff in like January or February?</p>


<p>Honors dorms will still be available. The main benefit to sending in your enrollment and housing deposits is that you will get to select your room/roommates earlier in the process. If you choose not to attend 'Bama you will forfeit your enrollment deposit and $25 of the housing deposit (application fee). You would be refunded the remainder of your housing deposit. </p>

<p>What you have to ask yourself is whether the $225 is worth the benefit of being able to select from available Honors Housing earlier in the process. Not only do you get to select your housing, but, you will have the opportunity to pull in roommates as well. The earlier you send in the deposits the better your chances of securing the housing/roommates you would like.</p>

<p>As to your original question, if you don't send in the deposits until Jan/Feb you will likely have no problem procuring honors housing.</p>

<p>I would recommend waiting a while and then finding a roommate who sent in their housing deposit early. I sent mine in in October, and one of my roommate's didn't do hers until February, but luckily we had a roommate who had done hers in September so four of us were able to find an empty room and all live together. Obviously since I ended up going to Bama, I think it's worth it to be able to choose your housing and your roommates -- but it is a lot of money to sacrifice if you do not end up attending Bama.</p>