<p>Is honors/honors dorms filling up very quickly? I've been super procrastinating and have not even applied for honors yet. How competitive is admission? I have a mid 2.2k on the SAT with a huge upward trend in grades but not that great of a class rank and decent extracurriculars. Do I have a good shot of getting in? Also, how competitive is it to get an honors dorm? Are most people that are accepted into the honors program also accepted into the honors dorms?</p>

<p>I heard that typically there are more people who want honors housing than there are spaces. They don't assign housing until May but go by your deposit date. Call the Honors College they are really helpful answering questions. If you want to get in quick to Honors apply as a Great Text major, I believe that is an auto admit no references maybe no essay I think. You can always switch to a different honors program in a month or in the fall. But you have to stay in an honors program to live in the HRC. The food at the Honors is supposed to be the best, but you can of course eat anywhere it's just closer if you live next door.</p>

<p>Honors isn't too hard to get into honestly, and with your stats i'm sure you'll be fine. As far as honors housing goes, that usually fills up really quickly. There are a lot of honors students here that live in various other dorms and LLC's (:</p>

<p>BIC has no specific entrance requirements, and I very much recommend the program! You can't switch to it part way through, so do take a look at the program now.</p>

<p>There are generally more people who want to get into honors housing than there are spaces, but I still think that you have time since May is still 5 months away. Just don't wait TOO much longer!</p>