Honors Dorms?

<p>Who knows whether the honors dorms have any singles? How about the SPACE/freshman engineering dorms? I want a single but I really REALLY don't want to live in an all-girls building!...</p>

<p>I believe they are all doubles.</p>

<p>Here's information on Forbes Hall (the honors dorms): Forbes</a> Hall
The rooms in Forbes are singles and doubles</p>

<p>The SPACE engineering program is currently in Tower A. Tower A is all doubles. Here's information on Tower A: Litchfield</a> Tower A</p>

<p>My S would love to live at the Towers even though he qualified to be at Forbes Hall 'cos of the accessibility to Taco Bell and other restaurants.</p>

<p>Anyone know when the deadline to apply is- and is there an essay like the Honors Program to secure the room</p>

<p>They will have the application on the Engineering Dept. website. I believe an essay was required for it. Freshman</a> Engineering: School of Engineering: University of Pittsburgh</p>

<p>There is a major advantage to having your dining facilities in the basement of your dorm -- don't have to brave the winter weather to get your food.</p>

<p>There are a few single rooms in Forbes (the freshman honors dorm), but I believe they are assigned through a lottery system (oh, and the RAs have single rooms, too.)</p>

<p>Forbes is a bit of a walk to the Cathedral, but it's not as far as Sutherland. I've heard the dorms are very, very nice.</p>

<p>My son decided to apply for Space housing but originally thought about Forbes honors hall. Are there any recent engineering students that chose honors housing over Space-was it a disadvantage to not be in the space dorm-just curious.Forbes does seem really nice.</p>

<p>My son is a senior engineer. It's funny, but we just talked about this subject today with regard to my daughter. He chose honors housing, but in retrospect he thinks that SPACE housing would have been a better idea.</p>

<p>I asked my son if he regretted not applying for honors housing (since the dorms are nicer than Towers) and he said no. He has enjoyed his time in SPACE and couldn't imagine living anywhere else for his freshmen year.</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice. My son said he's definitely applying for the Space dorm.</p>

<p>Few questions about housing... </p>

<p>I was accepted to Pitt and UHC, but I'm still waiting to hear from other schools by April 1st. Pitt is a definite possibility, but I'm worried that I won't get good housing since I probably would send my deposit in mid April. I don't want to live in Honors Housing, but rather in the towers. My friend who already sent in his deposit said A is community living based on major, B is doubles, and C is singles. I'm also aware that there is housing by the Peterson Center. </p>

<p>Would I still be able to get B? and is there any preference for Honors students when
selecting housing?</p>

<p>I don't think honors students get any housing preference. If you apply to honors housing but don't get selected to live there, you are in with everybody else. The Chancellors Scholars used to have guaranteed honors housing for four years (unlike everybody else who is on their own for senior year.)</p>

<p>ok thanks. what about my chances of getting tower B?</p>

<p>No one can tell you what your chances are of getting a particular housing location. This year, with the economy in the dumpster, everything is different. Will more kids decide not to live on campus, to save money, and commute instead? Or will more scholarship kids decide to take Pitt up on its offer and need housing? All anyone can tell you is that Towers are where freshman usually end up. My daughter received her first choice, Tower B, when she was an entering Pitt student. But that was two years ago.</p>

<p>ok i guess i meant... if i send in my deposit in mid-April is that considered late or when most kids send in their deposits and select housing options?</p>

<p>You send in your deposit whenever your due date is. Whatever it is -- do not miss it or you may lose your housing guarantee for the next three years.</p>

<p>After you send your deposit to Pitt which holds your spot in the incoming class (non-refundable), you will get a due date for your housing deposit (which was refundable last year).</p>