Honors Gym - a joke, or is it legitimate?

<p>My school's going to offer honors P.E. next year...I personally think it's a complete joke, but some people are really excited...what's your opinion about honors gym? How could this affect GPA and admissions chances?</p>

<p>in my school, gym doesn't count towards gpa.</p>

<p>I took honors gym so it wouldn't hurt my class rank (shoot me now please). It ended up being more work than regular gym because we had to create our own quarter-long workout plan and show improvement throughout the class. I don't know what extra work honors will involve at your school, though.</p>

<p>I wish my school had honors gym...In my school gym doesn't count towards your GPA, but you have to pass it to graduate (which is about the easiest thing to do).</p>

<p>At my school, a medically related school, we have a textbook and all for gym. We also learn some REALLY weird stuff, and did like no physical activity...ironic?</p>

<p>That's retarded.</p>

<p>What exactly is the difference between honors and regular gym? Can you describe it a little (if you know)?</p>

<p>haha that sounds rediculous... colleges aren't gonna care if u take regular PE or 'honors' PE</p>

<p>In respond to Xanatos....in a nutshell it was dumb! Also, I would totally take honors gym, if you got honors points! So in essence, colleges would care that you took it (GPA booster!)</p>

<p>Man, if I was a member of the adcom of any college, I would reject anyone who took a class called "Honors Gym." It would show me they're probably some grade grubber who held only one goal in high school: to gain the highest GPA in their class. </p>

<p>I always feel this sadness when I think that the purpose of high school has been dumbed down to one statement: to get into college. (Take the APs! Take the Honors! Forsake experimenting for that A!)</p>

<p>But then again, I'm not a member of any adcom.</p>

<p>So the best thing to do is to do realllllly badly in the beginning of the class, run slower, do fewer pushups, swim less laps, so improvement would be really easy...how would they know?</p>

<p>Call me odd, but I think Honors Gym would be fun!</p>

<p><em>screams</em> I HATE gym, and there's no honors gym here. That is one honors class you can count me out of</p>

<p>I dunno...I'm thinking it would pretty cool to actually know you improved physically/health-wise becuase of a gym class...I would have to go all out in everything in the beginning. Besides, gym would be awesome to "blow off some steam" after 3 AP classes.</p>

<p>BUt if you go all out and they grade on improvement...just kidding</p>

<p>In my Ds gym class, some girls purposley ran slow on the first timed test thing, and they showed "so" much improvement by the end of the quarter..</p>

<p>We have an Honors Gym. You don't get honors points for it, but it is a more rigorous course. It is required for athletes to take it, because there are different types of "Honors Gym", each specializes in their own sport. But, the basic curriculum is running the mile two times a week under seven minutes, going to the weight room two times a week, and then doing whatever preparation for their sport. On Mondays, which they call "Monday Madness", they have to run for forty minutes straight without stopping or slowing down their pace.</p>

<p>sounds like fun^</p>

<p>I think Colleges would love "Honors Gym" because it shows your physically fit and especially involved with that.</p>

<p>Being physically fit is all relative. I don't think colleges would care, unless they are looking for a specific athlete. And imagine if they didn't let someone in who got a C in gym because they weren't as fit as others....opening up a whole can of worms they don't need</p>

<p>I hate gym too, celebrian. It's not that I can't run or anything, but I know for a fact my teacher hates me cuz she KNOWS I want the A, so she purposely gives me Bs to irritate me all year long. And I know this for a fact, because I get 100s on the sport tests, and I participate and I'm one of the fastest runners in the class, but she still subtracts daily points for supposed "lack of participation". Plus she's cranky this year because it's her last year before she retires (my last year of required gym too! Argh!) and she's like in her 60s maybe. </p>

<p>I like to exercise because I feel good afterward, and I feel I'm in dire need of exercise from all of this school work. But I hate to do any type of real physical activity during school because I get so sweaty and I hate getting sweaty in 2nd period and having to re-change to gym clothes like an hour after you get ready for school..lol I guess it's a "girl thing". And we only get like 5 mins after gym to get ready for the next class. Not enough time at all. :(</p>