Honors Housing

<p>I heard that next year all Honors students will be housed in the Ellicott Community. Does anyone know if this is true?</p>

<p>i just know that gemstone definitely is. not sure about the other programs, though (except that DCC is NOT)</p>

<p>I haven’t heard that at all. I highly doubt it, since La Plata is almost always mostly sophomores. I’d assume Ellicott is still Gemstone, Denton for University Honors, and then some other programs in other buildings (Wiccomoco, Anne Arundel, etc. <– I can’t remember exactly which program is where right now).</p>

<p>I was at the open house yesterday and they said that almost all of the honors students, or at least the freshmen honors students, would be in Ellicott</p>

<p>Yeah, my friend and I were both at the open house yesterday as well. She’s in University Honors and I’m in Honors Humanities, so we both went to different info sessions. At my info session, they talked about Wicomico (where Honors Humanities is currently located) and what it’s like living there–with no implication that they’d be relocating. However, my friend told me that at the University Honors info session they said that next year all honors students would be living in the Ellicott community. So I’m trying to figure out if my friend just mixed things up a bit, or if my info session just shared false info (which I doubt).</p>

<p>Though I’m not completely sure (which is why I asked), my guess is that DCC and Honors Humanities will stay in Queen Anne’s and Wicomico, respectively. Gemstone will stay in Ellicott and Entrepreneurship and ILS will stay in La Plata. University Honors will move to Hagerstown/Ellicott/La Plata, and so the majority of honors WILL be in Ellicott Community. This is all speculation though…</p>


Maybe the speaker meant that all University Honors students, not honors in general, would be housed in Ellicott?</p>

<p>University Honors is moving to the Ellicott Community. It was voted on and it is going to happen. Queen Anne’s is staying the home of DCC. Both of these pieces of info have been e-mailed to me by either ResLife or the Honors College (I’m a current student), that’s how I know it’s official.</p>

<p>Is it 100% confirmed for Ellicott for University Honors - think my daughter would prefer Denton (current).</p>

<p>What was the reasoning behind the move??</p>

<p>Since most of the honors programs (Gemstone, EIP, and ILS) are located in the Ellicott community, they decided to move university honors there as well. DCC will stay in Queen Anne’s and Honors Humanities in Wicomico.</p>