Honors Housing

Is honors housing worth it? And if so, which is better – Balentine or Colvin??

Hey OP! I’m in the Honors College at UMaine and currently live in Honors housing. If you’re going to be a freshman, you’re likely to be placed in Penobscot or Balentine. Colvin is cool, but there’s only a 35 student capacity (and it’s not all freshmen, either). I live in Penobscot this year and I love it. Honors housing isn’t necessarily dead—my floor is pretty lively, the one below us has several partiers who like to go out together. So, if that is a concern of yours, I don’t think you need to worry.

Penobscot is pretty nicely maintained, the largest occupancy Honors dorm, and 85% freshmen. Balentine is equally nice, has about the same size rooms as Penobscot, and is probably like 50% freshmen or so. I do think it’s worth it, as you’re closer to the best dining hall (York), all your potential Honors seminars, and are able to live with people going through the same course as you are. If you have any questions feel free to respond back and ask :slight_smile:

Hey! So I actually just found out that I’m living in Penobscot next year, and I was wondering like how the room is set up? Is the desk built in or stand alone and how big is the closet compared to the “show” closet in Gannet? Thanks! :slight_smile: