Honors housing?

My DD was admitted to the Honors College for next year.

They are already asking for a housing deposit, and I’ve heard the Honors dorms fill up fast.

She is still waiting to make a final decision as to school choice until she heard back from a few more schools, but I’m wondering if we should pay a deposit. Also, which dorm should she pick. She is an engineering major.

We went ahead and paid it for our son. Some of the deposit is refundable; If I remember correctly we may end up losing $100 should he decide to go to a different college, but we thought we better risk it because this college is a real contender and we do think he will end up there (we’ll see!). He was able to choose his room in the dorm of his choice and already knows who his roommates will be. He has already gotten to know his roommates a bit online (everyone gets to list a discription about themselves and many list their instagram/twitter name). Honors students can live anywhere. There are two honors dorms and Braxton, which is not a honors dorm but offers a live/learn community for engineering students. The housing website gives a good description of each dorm.

Thank you! We might end up paying it too. I’ll talk to her about it.

@Astro77, what dorm did she end up picking? We too did the deposit, still not knowing if DS going there. Figured the small amount of $, relative to the overall cost of college, was worth it. DS picked Stalnaker, then Seneca then honors dorm. He wasn’t sure he wanted the honors dorm.

@x2018x we haven’t actually sent it in. Still thinking about it! Not sure which dorm she would pick.