Honors invite?

I’m confused when they start receiving the app to apply. My daughter was accepted first wave and received a merit scholarship. On Ausom she got an opportunity to apply to an honors scholarship so I felt like she’d hear something. Do these go out shortly after acceptance or starting in November? Thanks!

When my daughter enrolled two years ago, the invitation did not go out until November. The Honors web page says November/December. Only a couple of scholarships are awarded early the rest wont come out until spring.


My son got his invitation to apply for Honors a few days ago. It came by email.

@2manypets Thank you! She got the email a few days ago and never saw it!

My daughter was accepted and invited to apply to the Honors College. We live OOS and she was notified that she’ll received the Heritage Scholarship. We looked through the other scholarships, and she doesn’t qualify for most (various reasons–major related, etc). I’m wondering if AU will offer more merit aid if she’s accepted to the Honors College, or if they’ll offer her more merit aid later? My older daughter is a freshman at a different OOS school. When she was initially accepted there, they offered her a merit scholarship but then offered more in the Spring. Thoughts?

My daughter got her acceptance to the Honors College by mail this past Saturday. Nice Christmas surprise. ?

@G&HMom, I am no expert, but in my experience I’d say it’s unlikely more aid would be offered. We are also OOS; my daughter received an initial merit scholarship and was also accepted into the Honors Program, and that was it. That brought tuition down to about in-state levels. She is a sophomore now and LOVES Auburn! She lived in one of the Honors dorms freshman year, and made a lot of close friends through both that and the Honors Week of Service. Best of luck in the decision-making process!