Honors Level of Recognition for Mathematic Competitions

<p>So, In the Common App Honors Section, I'm using the following stuff</p>

<p>AP Scholar with Distinction
School Champion on Fermat Math Contest
Honor Roll of Distinction for AMC 10
School Winner for AMC 12
And a honorable mention for a different competition</p>

<p>The question is,, What should I put for the level of recognition for these??</p>

<p>AP Scholar with Distinction I think should be national??
Same fore Honor Roll of Distinction for AMC 10</p>

<p>But for School winner for AMC 12 and Fermat Math Contest,
These are given by my school.
The AMC 12 one is given by the AMC Organization
The Fermat Contest is by the CMEC(Center of Education in MAthematics and Computing) by University of Waterloo..
Would the fermat one be School level??</p>