Honors/Major question

<p>My daughter was admitted today to the Honors College, but the school listed for her is the Letters and Arts. She had really wanted to be admitted into the Smith Business School. How is it possible to get admitted into Honors, but not into your intended major choice? Just wondering....</p>

<p>Business is a Limited Enrollment Program and a very limited amount of people can get in.
Honors College is more for people with high grades and SAT scores, etc.
Like I got into Engineering which is also a Limited Enrollment Program, but I didn't get into Honors college because my grades aren't as good.
I would say LEPs like Business look more for potential to achieve in the field over grades and stats.
Your daughter can always transfer into Smith Business school even though she didn't get in on the first try.</p>

<p>^^how difficult is it to transfer in to Smith?</p>

<p>In some schools, it is almost impossible.......</p>

<p>its definitely not easy, but its possible</p>

<p>I would be calling the college to make sure the decision is correct. There is no way that she should not have been admitted into Smith when she got into Honors. Doesn't make any sense and I think there must be some monkeys at the wheel with some of these decisions I have seen. Another student got scholars and didn't get her LEP either which does not make any sense and they got some explaining to do when they let kids in with lesser stats. 24,000 application plus makes them number driven. They pick honors out first so they believe them to be the most promising students.</p>

<p>The thing about the business college being so limited is so confusing to me to begin with. I graduated with a double major from Smith. It costs the college very little money to teach business because much of it can taught in large lecture halls. Even junior or senior classes taught for one major have 40 or so students in each class. I had lecture classes of about 500-600 people during my junior and senior year. They need to build a bigger building instead of another campus to hold the business students. Stop putting in building that are not needed. The sciences and engineering cost a lot of money to deliver, so I understand lumiting. Not business and the humanities.</p>

<p>Are many honors business classes taught in lecture halls? Thanks</p>

<p>I called the college today and spoke to a young man who didn't have much information, but assured me that if the Smith School wasn't listed, she didn't get in to the Business School. I then asked if it was harder to get in the Business School then into the Honors College and he just said the Business school was extremely competitive this year...oh well...We are still thrilled she got in at all and the Honors College was a big surprise!!!</p>

<p>The Business and Engineering schools are currently the most difficult LEPs to get into, so I wouldn't be surprised for an admit to Honors and not into the LEP. If your D continues to get great grades at UMD and begins taking the same courses she would if she were in her LEP, she shouldn't have much trouble transferring in later. Congrats to her on the Admit!</p>

<p>I got into Engineering with Honors. Does this mean that (if I decide to enroll) I'll be taking my engineering courses with my fellow engineering honors students and separately from everyone else?</p>

<p>There are some classes that are specified as Honors sections. Probably the majority of the classes you take will not be solely with Honors students. You'll take at least 3 honors seminars. If you only take 3 seminars, you'll need to take honors level classes for 2 more of your classes. Honors level classes can mean an all-honors discussion section for a larger class, or it could be additional requirements (like a paper or project) where the classroom expectations are exactly the same, and you are with both honors and nonhonors students.</p>

<p>See Honors</a> College University of Maryland
Requirements: To earn a University Honors Citation on the transcript, students must complete 16 credits of Honors courses. At least 9 credits must be earned in Honors seminars and 1 credit must be from HONR 100 or equivalent. 16 credits total.</p>

<p>Just to add onto astrophysicsmom, some H-Versions are also an entirely separate class. Like for PSYC100, it is usually a big lecture hall. But for the H-version there was no big hall and I was just in a separate class of 20. I also think the tests were harder than the regular class (not positive but I can't imagine the questions we saw were standard)...I don't know if that's typical, but yeah. It was definitely nice to have a much more focused, small class though. </p>

<p>Some of the Honors Seminars are really awesome, too. And some are...not.</p>

<p>I would call again and speak to someone from the honors dept and question this for sure. There is no way they allowing regular admit students into the business college and not an honors admit. It does not make sense. I would be worried they didn't record her major request.</p>