honors move-in

<p>I am in the honors program for fall 2010, and I was under the impression we moved in one week early. Yet, the move in date that I was given was Sep 2. Is this correct?</p>

<p>Yea, I thought the same exact thing, but when we went to the orientation they told us september 2 which is also on our room assignment email.</p>

<p>Classes do not begin until Wed, Sept 8th, so it is nearly a week early :)</p>

<p>So what is the honors welcome week thing?</p>

<p>Runningeagle, When you go to orientation youll find out. Basically its a way for the honors students to become closer by attending and participating in different events everyday for the first pre-week of school. Things like community service around boston and other social events.</p>

<p>Sounds fun. I bet I'm not the only parent that is jealous ;)</p>

<p>Pray it doesn't rain on your retreat though, like it did during mine.</p>

<p>Wow I can imagine that must have sucked</p>