Honors/PLP/Presidential Scholars confusion

My son received letters from both the Honors and PLP program congratulation him on being accepted to the programs. PLP says as a Commonwealth Scholar he will receive $20,000 over four years; so $5,000 a year. The Honors letter states that he will be receiving his scholarship through the PLP program… I’m assuming this mean he is NOT one of the Presidential Scholarships; since he did not get the $10,000 a year. If not selected as a Presidential scholar he was planning to participating in JUST the Honors (as he will also be doing the Pre Med Scholars too); does anyone know if its possible to decline PLP (decline scholarship) and reapply for honors scholarship?

I don’t, but would be very interested in knowing the answer.

Hi and congratulations to your son! Did he receive letters in the mail or did he get an email? My daughter received an email saying she was admitted, but nothing about the Honors or PLP, which she also applied for. I assume they would tell us in the email, but perhaps not. Thanks!

mplf123… Thank you and congrats to your daughter as well. He received letters for both PLP and Honors on the 1st of March; which I thought was funny as as we already knew he was in those programs (you can only be invited to interview for Presidential Scholars if you are accepted into both Honors and PLP) . The only email he received was back in Feb. inviting him for a second interview; so nothing about being a Pres. Scholar.

I am a junior and am beginning my college decision journey. I absolutely love Christopher Newport and the PLP program and am considering Early Decision. I have a 3.9 weighted GPA, a 1200 SAT, have served on my county’s youth advisory council, have many hours of volunteer, mentoring, and leadership work, am heavily involved in theatre, and attended Governor’s School for foreign language after my sophomore year. Am I a candidate for Early Decision and the PLP? I am from NOVA

@KidsinNOVA I would say you appear to be a good fit. Best of luck

Is your 3.9 weighted or unweighted? I think I saw on their website that the target SAT was something like 1300. But, I don’t know how that works out in practice. So, you may want to think about taking it again. Good luck!

Retook the SAT and now have a 1310. I took the ACT and got a 27, but know I can do a lot better than that. Hoping to get into PLP