Honors program and housing

<p>Does anyone know if the Medeiros honors house is a good place for freshmen or would you reccomend regular housing?
Is there any benefit to being in the A&S honors program?
Thanks for any info!</p>

<p>I would not recommend Medeiros. It's one of the farther dorms and the older dorms. To get into the rooms you need keys instead of the keypads that have codes. That means always having your key, even when you shower, unless you feel comfortable leaving it open. </p>

<p>It's not just for honors kids, there are regular students there, but my friends who are in honors love living in the other housing. My friends who live in Medeiros like it there, but spent more time out of the dorm. </p>

<p>Search the other threads for more info on the honors program.</p>