Honors Program Early Action Admittance

<p>I know that UGA (auto)admits a certain percentage into the honors program. Does anyone know when these auto-admit decisions are made? If today, does anyone know where to look once you login? Thanks for the help, I just can't find any info online.</p>

<p>^^I didnt know they did that.</p>

<p>Anyways, you'll probably have to wait until the acceptance letter comes in next week. Schools usually never release anything deeper than "you're accepted" over the computer</p>

<p>Last year auto-admits were notified by mail about a week after online decisions were posted. At a Scholars Day program last fall they said auto-admits represent top 2% of EA applicants.</p>

<p>Does anyone know if auto admit letters have been sent out this year yet? So, if you haven't heard by now I guess you have to actually submit the application ...</p>

<p>My daughter got her letter last year on Christmas eve. I made a nice Christmas gift. I think UGA let people know about EA earlier this year, so you should be finding out soon. Good luck! My daughter is a freshman there now and in the Honor's Program. She is loving it. She twirls in the redcoat band and can't wait for the bowl game.</p>

<p>As per a posting on UGA Admission Blog Auto-admit letters for UGA Honors Program have not been mailed yet</p>

<p>A friend of mine outside of Atlanta got hers today. Fingers crossed mine is still en route!</p>

<p>Received auto admit in today's mail. Yea!</p>

<p>Received mine today! So excited!</p>

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<p>Care to share scores, anyone who was admitted?</p>

<p>SAT 1550/1600, 2310/2400
ACT 35
4.0 UW GPA
4.5 W GPA</p>

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<p>I was auto admitted today. I can't believe it. I have a 33 act, but I am top 2.5% at UGA's #1 feeder high school and I have tons of leadership and 11 ap classes with all 5's so far. I also applied for FF, so maybe that helped having an extra application.</p>

<p>Auto-admitted today!</p>

<p>1560 (2350) SAT
4.0 UW GPA
12 APs</p>

<p>Congrats. to everyone who received a letter, and good luck to those hoping for one to come soon!</p>

<p>Got invitiation to apply for the Honors - so not auto-admitted :-(</p>

<p>Out of state
GPA 3.8UW, 5.4W
SAT 1420 (M+CR) / 2220 (composite)
ACT 31 Composite</p>

<p>Admitted with 3.9 UW gpa, 1450/2220 sat!</p>

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<p>Auto admitted!
4.09 weighted

<p>auto admitted! OOS, 4.0 uw, 4.83w, 2/317 rank
34 ACT

<p>So I didn't even know about the program and I got accepted!!! 32 ACT, 4.12 w GPA, in state</p>

<p>Woo, hoo, daughter accepted to UGA Honors!!! We are so proud of her!!! The late nights and weekends spent studying are now paying off! All for His Glory!</p>

<p>In state at challenging private school
GPA 3.85
SAT 2290
ACT: English 36, Math 34 Reading 34 Science 31
National Merit Semi-finalist</p>

<p>Best of luck to the Class of 2012!!!</p>