Honors Program Inquiries

I’ve recently been accepted into both the Honors and IB programs at Etown; however, I cannot seem to find any reviews of the Elizabethtown Honors Programs… Could someone please explain to me distinguishes Elizabethtown Honors from the rest of the college, aside from and the 3.5 GPA requirement and the freshman Honors “dorms” (apparently there are no Honors “dorms,” ie, hallways, after freshman year; if someone could explain this, as well, it would be appreciated)? For example, are Honors classes offered? If there are any, what are the benefits of being in the Honors Program, other than prestige? What kinds of students are usually in the Honors Program? How large is the program? What is the campus reputation?

@ToraTori From what I can see, there are Honors courses offered, but not a huge number of them.

I recently saw an article saying that they are planning to expand the Honors “dorm” to 2 floors instead of 1 and will encourage upperclass Honors students to live there.

I suggest checking out http://www.etown.edu/programs/honors/requirements.aspx for more info on the Honors requirements and benefits.

I also just found this article that discusses improvements that they will be making to the Honors program: http://www.etownian.com/news/honors-program-hosts-town-hall-meeting-discuss-programs-future/