honors program letter?

<p>i got a letter asking me to apply to the honors program. do they send these to everyone?</p>

<p>i got one too. i don't even qualify. my SATs are no where near 1440. so i wonder if i should waste my time applying.</p>

<p>If they sent them to you, you must have something they're looking for. You both should apply- it really couldn't hurt.</p>

<p>yea they have a really good honors program. and the dorm is beautiful.</p>

<p>Yea i got a letter too. I don't think they send them to everybody, so I applied and hope to get in. The dorms are nice and the honors classes seem interesting.</p>

<p>Interesting? The honors classes are amazing. They pre-screen the professors for you so you only get the very best of the bunch. I'm in honors classes right now with 5, 7, and 18 students (including myself), respectively. In addition to the classes, there are so many great seminars to take too that are open only to honors students. Priority registration is also a big plus since you're basically the first people to register and can register for honors classes in any subject. </p>

<p>The Honors Dorm (Myers) is nice too- so nice I'll probably be living here again next year. </p>

<p>Even if you don't get in the honors program immediately, it's quite possible to do midterm entry.</p>

<p>wow, those are really small class sizes. With such small class sizes, Are the classes that much harder than the normal classes? The bonuses to being a Honors student at UGA seem to be great. I hope to get in ,but my gpa of 3.6 and 1390 SAT is below the amazing honors average of 1440 and 4.08.</p>

<p>The funny thing is I got a letter inviting me to apply to the Honors program in October/November. This is after I had applied for Early decision. Well, I was deferred. I hate my life. I hope I get in early.</p>

<p>I'm not amused by UGA's apparent randomness. I was invited to apply for Foundation Fellowship, got in early admission, was given a Charter Scholarship--but have heard NOTHING from Honors. Now the program is fishing for more applicants who whose SATs don't hit the threshold? I don't get it. I'm losing patience . . .</p>

<p>^ Boo Hoo! Cry me a river....</p>

<p>Elizabeth the same thing happened to me... I applied anyway and sent in a lot of extra information. I worked hard on that app and I really hope I get in. Worst case scenario though I will just go somewhere else because I have heard horror stories about collegiate entry into the honors program.</p>

<p>oh really? whuts so bad about collegiate entry?</p>

<p>Ryan, when you say you "applied anyway"--do you mean for FF? Did you send in extra info after you heard about Charter?? </p>

<p>Melosyracue--You need a 3.75 to even apply for collegiate entry. But the odds are not good, even if you have the GPA. Just not many slots.</p>

<p>wooow. ok i understand. jeez. i wont be n the honors program.</p>