Honors program questions

<p>Will I still get the honors seal on my transcript if I take two formal honors courses in the fall and two formal honors courses in the spring, even though I will be applying in the fall?</p>

<p>I think admissions, upon reviewing your transcript, will call and confirm with your cc that you will be completing the program by spring before transfer. Not sure about the presence of the honors seal.</p>

<p>Admissions wouldn't take the time to call for each Honors student. :/ </p>

<p>I took one Honors class during the Fall and four during the Spring, and I'm fine. (: They trust you putting that you are an Honors student on your application/personal statements, etc. as they say that any falsification in your application can result in a permanent withdrawal from all the UCs from that point on. </p>

<p>So once you complete all your Honors courses and request your transcript, you will get that seal.</p>