Honors Program SAS?

<p>Okay so I fit the criteria, I'm in the top 10% of my class and got a 31 composite ACT. Question is when they admit you, do they offer Honors admission right away?</p>

<p>yes ..................</p>

<p>What are advantages of being in the honors program?</p>

<p>i got my acceptance but no honors program admittance letter ><</p>

<p>For SAS, yes, they do offer admission straightaway. For other schools, such as engineering, they do not.</p>

<p>If SAS doesn't offer you admission right away, you can still apply.</p>

<p>Advantages include special housing in McCormick (for SAS; if you want it) and honors classes/sections.</p>

<p>Personally I don't see much of an advantage to the honors program. There are a lot of requirements (including a foreign language one) that might really affect your schedule.</p>

<p>All the information is here:</p>

<p>The</a> School of Arts and Sciences Honors Program - Requirements</p>

<p>I don't think you should do it if you are planning on double majoring or otherwise taking a major with a lot of credits. It has gotten much more complicated since the schools merged into SAS (as you can see by looking at the requirements for the rutgers college honors program further down on that same page) and I don't think it's something that is for everyone.</p>

<p>Has anyone definitely been offered Honors with their acceptance packet?</p>

<p>My son did not receive an invite with his acceptance and he far exceeds the criteria posted on their website.</p>

<p>mamajay i fit the criteria and got nothing back either. my bf visited rutgers and asked and the rep said that scholarship $ and honors invites get sent later....so hopefully we'll hear something soon</p>

<p>That makes sense to me. I am calling them on Monday to verify and will let you know.</p>


<p>I called Rutgers and they verified that since applications for merit and honors are not due until 12/1 they wait until after that to start notifying people about them. They will also call your high school to request rank to help them make their decisions. </p>

<p>We should start hearing in January.</p>

<p>Also new this year is people are eligible to participate in the Honors program if they major in Business or engineering, not just Arts and Sciences.</p>

<p>My son is in the Honors Program. The main advantage is living in the Honors dorm. He lives in Brett Hall on College Ave, and made some great friends living there. He missed the criteria by 10 points on his SATs but got in with a counselor nomination.</p>

<p>The honors program in engineering is totally separate from the SAS honors program, and it's not a new thing, it's been going on for awhile. I think you make great friends as long as you are open and friendly anywhere. One good thing about honors is that you are surrounded by those who care about school (to a healthy extent) so you are pretty motivated and there are tons of people to study with. I think our dean also puts in a little extra effort to make sure the honors schedules are fine. (This is for engineering, btw.)</p>

<p>I don't feel like there are many overt advantages, but I'm extremely happy with my choice (both in rutgers and honors), if that helps you guys any. (:</p>

thats odd,i called them a couple of months ago and they said that this year they wont be requesting ranks from non rank schools in order to determine scholarships and honors</p>

<p>advatanges.. </p>

<li>u get a suite. central heat and cooling.</li>
<li>dunno about other suites but mccormick has study lounges on each floor</li>
<li>ur rooms are bigger than other dorms</li>
<li>u get to take honors classes (which is sometimes easier)</li>
<li>guaranteed housing for four years</li>
<li>dunno about others but mccormick has a NICE lounge where clubs hold parties and stuff. </li>
<li>washing machine on each floor (mccormick)</li>


<li>clean ur own bathroom</li>
<li>own toilet paper</li>
<li>um...? cant swipe vending machines</li>

<p>and P.S. you dont have to fufill any of ur honor requirments to be "in" the honors program. (capstone project, honors colliuquoim, other stuff). u just wont graduate with honors. just benefit from the rest of the cool stuff.</p>


<p>How else could they determine merit and honors? Remember all they have for admission is the SRAR and that doesn't tell them enough to even put you in the proper percentile. </p>

<p>My son's school doesn't rank, but will rank if a college requests it for scholarships. I'm not sure if other high schools will.</p>

<p>If the school refuses to rank, I think that the student needs to request to be in honors.</p>

<p>They dont have only the SPAR;
Work Experience
Volunteer work
I believe that this is enough to determine scholarships.Anyway i attend a greek school('i'm a us citizen though) and my school doesnt rank and i had to send my official transcript right away(couldn't fill spar becauce of a diffirent system).You think i'll be ok?</p>

Do you attend a greek school in NJ? If yes they are probably familar with the school which would help them evaluate your grades.
If by greek school you mean outside the US then I'm not sure how they will evaluate you.</p>

outside the us
i called and they told me that they will evaluate me based on what they have received and they wont require any ranks because they are doing the scholarship thing differently this year.I dont know if they require ranks from us schools :S</p>

<p>Then it will be interesting to see how they give out the scholarships.</p>

<p>My D just received an acceptance into the SAS honors program today via email. It said that she will receive the formal invitation by mail in the next few weeks. </p>

<p>Her stats:
SAT 2320
GPA 4.42</p>