Honors program

<p>Anyone know the acceptance rate for honors program?
Does graduating with honors from Gwu afford an advantage in terms of grad school or employment.

<p>Can anyone help out???</p>

<p>You probably won't find an exact percentage, but I don't think it's much more competitive than their regular curriculum (depending on your major). Either way, it doesn't have a bearing on your regular admission, from their website, </p>

<p>"Honors Program application consideration occurs after the University has made a decision on your general application, and so the Honors decision will not affect the University's decision. There are no specific cutoffs or expectations with regards to standardized test scores or high school GPAs. </p>

<p>In regards to employment, I can't imagine it making much of a difference, but some of the perks you get as a student in the honors program may contribute to your success in finding a job. Grad schools will usually take into account that an applicant was in an honors program, as the curriculum is regularly more challenging and advanced, so you may have a leg up there. And again, the actual experience from being in the Honors program will probably be more beneficial than just the title. </p>

<p>Good luck, be sure to post your stats in the decision thread come April !!</p>