honors program


major- computer science
minor- bio-medical engineering

Gender- Female

GPA - 3.9 uw 4.4 w
SAT - 560 CR, 570 M, 580 W (taking it again)

All the classes at my school are honors
sophmore- one class at the university of Hartford.
junior- ECE english ( ECE is just like AP).
senior- 1 ECE class and 1 class at university of Hartford this year. hopefully 2 next semester

My problem is that everyone takes the honor courses in my school (like they don’t have a choice). Would this hurt me since colleges look at me in comparative to the people in my own school???

-Stage manager for the Fashion/Talent show ( 3 years including this year if all goes well)
-Yearbook (2 years)
-book club (1 year)
-dance (outside of school 3 years)
-volunteered around 130 hours

I got the calculus award my junior year.
i got a high honors award every marking period for my whole high school life. ( given to people with gpa above 4.25)
I am being published at the moment. It is still in the process but should be finished by the end of this month or next. However, a lot of other people also got published from my school so i don’t know if this will actually help me.

Recommendations: i have 3 recommendations.

I just wanted to know would i get into the honors program