Honors Program

Hello everyone! This is my first discussion on College Confidential yippee! I hope I’m doing this right!

I was wondering if any of you had heard back regarding acceptance into the Belmont University Honors Program. If not, I hope this discussion thread will be a place where people can update their status in the coming weeks!

Apparently we are supposed to hear back by mid-January, has this been confirmed? Top scholarship recipients/interviewees are additionally supposed to be notified by mid-January.

We are waiting too It was nice to get accepted in October but that leaves a long wait for the important news

Not even sure if the Honors program will be worth joining with all the changes and unknowns but I’m sure it would be better to be offered a spot.



@JerseyParents I didn’t realize it was being restructured (thanks for the provided links)! It will be interesting to see how these changes will impact the Honors experience over the coming years. The loss of priority registration definitely is a bummer. Hopefully we’ll both be hearing back soon; I have been waiting since October as well.

Just emailed my admissions counselor: “It is my understanding that Honors decisions have not yet gone out. It is our hope that Honors decisions will be in the mail by the end of this month. All those that applied will receive an admissions decision.”

Thanks Paige - end of the month? That’s a long wait

Update: still have yet to hear back! The next few weeks will be spent nervously checking the mailbox for more news! :-/

Good news everyone! I just received my acceptance into the Honors Program in the mail today!!! I am so so happy :))

My daughter got hers in the mail today, too!!! She’s thrilled because from the sounds of the letter, it was very competitive this year!

@Locomadre Yay, tell her congrats from me! Hopefully we’ll be hearing back on Presidential Scholarship interviewees in the weeks to come as well

Son got his acceptance letter today too. Congrats to your girls. You’d think it bodes well for named scholarships

We did not hear today on the Belmont honors college. Not sure if letters are sent either way. Maybe we will hear something tomorrow as my counselor said all letters would be sent this week. Congrats to those accepted!

@Oreo30 hopefully you’ll be hearing from them soon! my counselor emailed me and said that you should receive a decision in the mail even if you were rejected

@JerseyParents I sure hope that’s the case!

My D received hers as well. The letter said average ACT was 32-33 with weighted GPA of 4.2.

Seems my son has picked a school where he is a URM - a GUY :slight_smile:

Has anyone been notified as a recipient of the Faculty Scholar’s $15k award yet?

@Locomadre nothing from me! I did email my admissions rep who said that Presidential interviewees had been called already and that the rest of the top awards notifications had been sent via mail so we should hear more soon

If the’ye sending out the named scholarship letters, then they also know who isn’t getting them. Makes it about time then send out the complete award offers to everyone. Rolling admissions is nice but when you’re accepted in October its an eternity until March. Especially when other EA schools send out their complete offers.

Belmont’s my son’s #1 He’d like to go down there in April to Be Belmont Day. I’m not making reservations until I see a competitive offer.

We got the letter in the mail yesterday, and my daughter did not get the $15k. She is devastated! This class must be very competitive, as her friend is a freshman this year and received the $15k with stats that didn’t compare to my daughter’s. I’m beginning to wonder how much need plays a role in their merit scholarship offerings. (“Demonstrated financial need may be considered.”) @JerseyParents We may see you in April, depending on what her other offers look like!