Honors Program

I was admitted to FSU with a 4.4 FSU GPA, 1300 SAT, 8 AP and 12 Dual Enrollment (3.85 college GPA) by senior year. Since the first semester of senior year, my FSU GPA has risen to a 4.5. I was looking to apply to the Honors program, but I never received any awards (such as the University Freshman Scholarship or the OOS Tuition Waiver, which I wouldn’t get anyway since I’m in-state) and I am definitely not a National Merit Semifinalist, so I don’t think I’m qualified. I did see, however, on myreviewroom, the website that holds the Honors application, that I am eligible for the 2018-19 Honors Application.

Although I’m pretty sure I am not qualified to apply for Honors, I am wondering if everyone is able to access the Honors application on myreviewroom or if it’s just people who actually meet the criteria for Honors admission. If it’s the former, then I guess I will just try to transfer up to Honors after I complete my first semester there, if I end up going there at all.

EDIT: I just “started” the application and it says that anyone who doesn’t meet the requirements will automatically be rejected, so I guess I answered my own question. I’m sorry for wasting time; I guess I need to go to bed.