Honors Program

Is the WVU Honors Program something that employers will care about? It seems like the honors program there has a lower standard than many other schools.

Employers don’t care about honors programs no matter where you go. They care about whether you can do the job. Oftentimes they got your name from someone they know – and maybe there’s a networking component to “elite” programs at “elite” colleges that is an intangible and shouldn’t be discounted.

But then again, the WVU alumni network is pretty far-reaching; a couple of my close friends are grads. I went to UF and the Gator Nation is also far-reaching. And other friends went to Ivies and we’re all in the same biz at the same stage, so life really is what you make of it after graduation.

Honors college advantages are usually more like priority registration, honors dorms, maybe special activities or study abroad programs, extra research opportunities or capstone/thesis projects, graduation with distinction tassels and such. Sometimes scholarship money.

Honors colleges provide you with special opportunities to show what you’re able to do. Employers care about what you did so indirectly honors college will impact what they think. So they will not care about the honors college per se, they’ll care about what you did with the opportunities you had.

Employers get lots of applications for jobs & internships. Having an Honors College designation on your resume won’t hurt.