Honors Program?

Hi all… I was wondering if folks had information/perspective on the UNH Honors Program? My son is considering UNH, and has this option; it seems like it could be a nice program to be part of at UNH? Thanks!

Any thoughts out there?

I attended UNH from 1992-1996 in the Honors Program, Chemical Engineering. UNH is a wonderful school. The location on the NH Seacoast is top notch and you probably couldn’t ask for a better geographic place to spend 4 years.
Honors program is smaller classes, and much more intense. I took calculus Honors, Physics Honors, and Chemistry Honors. Physics was brutally tough and if your goal is a high GPA you are not going to find it at this school. You will not be coddled.

Anyone in recent years have opinions on the honors program at UNH?