Honors Program

<p>I really want to attend the Honors Program at Tulane; however, I have not heard how you can actually get in. I'm already an admitted student since I applied early action, but I don't remember anywhere on the application where it stated whether or not I'm interested for the Honors Program. So, how do I know whether or not I qualify for it? Is there a special requirement that I have to fulfill to attend Honors Program? Thanks so much!</p>

<p>it should've said on your letter whether or not you were admitted to the honors program. there would've been a whole paragraph about it and you would've gotten invites to honors weekend.</p>

<p>but it really doesn't matter, because you can apply to be in honors after 1 semester there and it won't look any different on your transcript than if you had come in starting with honors</p>

<p>yea, what trackie said. i think you just need to have a 3.5 first semester and you're in automatically. i could be wrong, though.</p>

<p>yeah, it's exactly that, the 3.5 your first semester. the only reason you need to apply is so you can be "approved" to take honors classes. the requirements for graduating with honors are graduating with a 3.6, taking four honors courses during your time at tulane, and doing a senior honors thesis.</p>