Honors program?

<p>I recently received a phone call asking if I had any questions about the honors program (I'm in the Institute of Technology probably going for a chemical engineering major). I asked how I can apply for it and he said I was already accepted and should have received an email about it. That was a couple weeks ago, and I still haven't received an email about it. Anyone else have this problem? Anyone gotten the email? Do I need to enroll to get the email?</p>

<p>Hmm. I didn't know they sent out emails if you were accepted into honors. Can anyone else verify that?</p>

<p>D got her honors notice by regular mail but that was some months ago. You don't need to enroll to get the email or letter and if you have questions about honors you can read all about it on their website.</p>

<p>D was accepted into CLA and just got a letter yesterday inviting her to their "Gold Carpet Friday" events for students admitted into both CLA and the University Honors program. Except that I never remember getting any notification/letter/email that she was accepted to the Honors program!</p>

<p>What kind of stats are required to get into the honors program? I looked at the website and unless I missed something they were avoiding stats by saying they used a "holistic" approach.</p>

<p>This is an email response I received from a U of M admissions counselor re: UHP:
Admission to the University Honors Program is highly competitive. All admitted
students are considered for admission to UHP in their college of
admission. Each admission application is carefully reviewed and
admission to the University Honors Program is based on an overall
assessment of the applicant's academic record (primary review factors),
the additional information provided in the application (secondary review
factors), and the applicant's academic interests. The greatest
consideration in the assessment of each application is given to the
applicant's academic record.</p>

<p>The review for UHP is essentially an extension of our admission review
process. Looking at students who were admitted into UHP for this current
semester (Fall 2008), we see that about the top 12% of applicants were
admitted into UHP. We also look at how academically prepared the
students are based on their preexisting coursework, be it solely in high
school, or any college coursework already completed.</p>

<p>My D is out of state, 4.0 (all Honors where possible and 5 APs), 1990 SAT (math strictly so so), 32 ACT</p>

<p>IMHopeful - thanks for the stats on your daughter. My son is junior and hopes to attend Carlson School and get into the Honors Program. It is helpful to see some stats for kids that are getting into UHP. We are also out of state (a reciprocity state - not sure if that matters).</p>

<p>There is another thread on UMN that also has some Honors stats</p>

<p>Thanks for bumping that thread.</p>

<p>I talked to my admissions adviser, and she said I should be receiving it in the mail soon. I'm guessing it was some sort of mistake.</p>