Honors Program

<p>Admission Status: You're Admitted!
Fall 2010 - Freshman
Admitted Major: Pre-Mathematics
College of Letters and Science
Honors Program<br>
College Honors Program: Congratulations, you are admitted.</p>

<p>what exactly is this College Honors Program, I don't remember applying into it, but what does it do for me?</p>

<p>Here you go:</p>

<p>Letters</a> & Science Honors Program :: Honors Program Benefits</p>

<p>Priority registration is probably the biggest perk, especially these days with budget cuts making it hard for students to get classes.</p>

That's awesome. What are your stats?</p>

<p>my stats aren't that great actually, anyone could be honors eh? ;) </p>

<p>UC GPA- 4.0
SAT1-2300 (800 Math, 770 Writing, 730 critical reading)
SAT2-750 Math 2 680 US History </p>

<p>EC- Key Club President</p>