Honors program

<p>I know about TAP, TAG, and all the other good stuff, but not Honors. </p>

<p>I know I need to maintain a competitive GPA, but will Honors hinder my chances?</p>

<p>Should I do it or should I not? befuddled </p>

<p>I'm going to De Anza if that matters.</p>

<p>De Anza Honors program means nothing to UCs. It's a pointless program that I tried shutting down but it got funding for an additional year. -_- Oh, and I'm in the program by the way. The only benefit is priority registration but I don't need it because I'm in the internship program and soon, student athlete which both offer this benefit.</p>

<p>^ That is correct. I moved from De Anza to Foothill to join its LEGIT Honors & TAP program. I highly recommend you do the same!</p>

<p>haha YOU tried shutting it down?! haha i remember getting a whole bunch of letters from people begging to keep it. haha</p>

<p>Honors at De Anza doesn't mean much to anybody. Most of the time you do a lot of extra work just to get an H next to the class. That H means absolutely nothing to any UC. The honors program lacked conformity, with some teachers requiring many hours of additional work while some teachers offer honors for simply showing up everyday (garbage). I fully supported the shutting down of the program, but she (the woman running the program) insists that she needed "more time to legitimize the program." During the debate on whether or not the Honors program should be funded, multiple Honors students showed up, all of which who claimed that the program should be salvaged due to "granting students the opportunity to do additional research." When it was asked why they couldn't do the research WITHOUT the honors program, they failed to answer sufficiently. The program's funding was cut. The bottom line is, most of the people join the program for priority registration, which I find a poor reason to keep the program. At the time of budget cuts, time's up, and she couldn't produce the results. She failed to fully justify the costs, and the bottom line was that the majority of funds allocated to that program was spent paying her. They're still trying to save it now. Bottom line: No, it doesn't matter.</p>

<p>i think it's worth it only cuz of priority registration (if you're not getting it from anywhere else), w/o the program i would never have been able to transfer in one year lol, though i only took 1 honors class that had about 1hr of extra work the entire quarter...and the program is technically in the process of earning TAP to ucla which is a 5 year process (can't remember which year they started, but think it was only a couple of years ago so there are still a few more years to go)</p>

<p>What is the difference between the education at De anza and Foothill?</p>

<p>Suppose I want to transfer to ucla, would De Anza be good enough for me to transfer? Or do I have to go to foothill and do their TAP for ucla? Reckoning that I have a 3.9.</p>

<p>Also, thank you everyone for supplying with these superb facts.</p>

<p>A 3.9 at De Anza should get you into UCLA (But it might not, depending on your major). Compare your stats against the 2009 admission profile at at: Profile</a> of Admitted Transfer Students, Fall 2009 - UCLA Undergraduate Admissions.</p>

<p>de anza's good enough, many ppl still get into ucla from there w/o tap, but it's still nice to get that little extra edge lol, and i've heard foothill is better than de anza for math/sciences and has much easier online classes (i can vouch for the ezy online classes), but otherwise, de anza has a lot more classes than foothill i think and more options, and i believe most ppl take a mix of classes from both colleges...</p>

<p>Honestly, I'm an incoming freshman at De Anza. I have much to learn, but for now my goal is to aim for an A for every class. </p>

<p>lomkh, I thought I could only go to only one school.</p>

<p>And my major is Psychology.</p>

<p>nope, you can go to as many as you want lol, it's especially easy to go between de anza and foothill though, since they're in the same district it's easier to have classes clear prereqs if u're going back and forth and all your credits at either college help you get better registration times at both</p>

<p>@ LiveTheLimit: I was just admitted to UCLA Psychology with a 3.74 GPA. No TAP. TAP helps, but is by no means necessary. Just try to get a 3.7+, and you'll be fine. </p>

<p>I think I'm going to wait it out for UCB spring 2011 (the semester they admitted me) for their psychology department though.</p>

<p>Both are amazing psych programs.</p>

<p>There's absolutely nothing wrong with De Anza. They offer the most UC transferable classes of any community college, and they about 600 students transfer to UCs every year.</p>

<p>Yes De Anza does lack some quality calculus profs, but that's where you need to think ahead. I'm no expert at math, but I singled out Calc 1B for last summer and managed to get an A+ in it. It's all about being resourceful.</p>

(this is late) What did you mean by "singled out Calc 1B for last summer and managed to get an A+ in it"? Can you please elaborate?</p>

<p>he probably meant he took Calc 1B as his only class during that summer</p>

<p>on a sidenote, math (& physics ) classes at Foothill are very difficult.</p>

<p>i think math and physics classes in general are difficult for a lot of people o;</p>