Honors question

<p>I applied for the Burnett Honors college about a week ago and today I got a letter that basically said "Thank you for applying to honors, you should get a decision by April 15th." and the letter also had information about LEAD.</p>

<p>For those who were accepted to honors already, did you receive that letter saying thank you for applying? Or did you just get an acceptance letter?</p>


<p>Pretty sure everyone gets that letter since there'd be no other way to know that they received your info.</p>

<p>Censored, you probably applied late and spots are filling up. My son applied to Burnett in early Nov. and received an acceptance letter within a week. If you are qualified, maybe you should email them. Good luck</p>

<p>I agree with bclcjcsc, when I applied I never got a letter like the one you described so they must be becoming a little more competitive as they fill up their spaces.</p>

<p>:O Uh oh! But I thought I read somewhere that the chances of being accepted to Burnett are good throughout it's final deadline. It's just that it's more competitive the later you apply. But I didn't realize that early. I should get my app in.</p>

<p>My daughter also got accepted within the week of applying (about a month ago) Yesterday she received a different letter to apply to lead.</p>

<p>I have received the Provost scholarship and it says I've been accepted to the Honors college pending an application. So does that mean I have a spot reserved or can it be taken away if I don't send in the app quickly? Asking cuz well I'm working on the app and am wondering if I have to rush and send it in or if I can take my time...</p>

<p>I got that letter too. I'm guessing it means we aren't getting early admission..if admission at all. Which is kind of awkward if they paid the cash to mail out all these apps haha</p>

<p>szchowdary> Same situation! :O Working on it right now. xD</p>