Honors Section for Common App

(NOTE: Any number in {} I know an exact value for but am just obscuring for privacy)
For an award I received, I know there are {200-300} schools that compete across {20-40} countries and they each send between 20 - 50 contestants. Is it okay for me to say estimate and say

“[award title] (top 100/~5000), students from {20-40} countries”

rather than saying

“[award title] One of 100, 20-50 students per school, {200-300} schools, {20-40} countries.”

Also if I only have room to highlight {20-40} countries or highlight {200-300} schools which one do I highlight? Also if I can round, do I round to 5000 or 7500 or something in between? Finally, the award title is 52 characters (but I can decrease to 34 characters if I really have to). Do you know anyway I can fit the award title, an estimate for the amount of students competing, the amount of schools competing, and the amount of countries in under 100 characters? Thanks in advance for any help.