Honors w/ AP?

<p>I'm going to in Honors English 11 for junior year, would it be possibly to take AP Lang and score well on the exam?</p>

<p>I honestly believe that you could do that. I think practice is all you need in order to achieve a good grade on that exam. Be sure to get the Cliffs AP book for it, since it has a nice glossary and realistic practice tests. It wouldn't hurt to look over some AP curriculum books as well!</p>

<p>Really? So is AP English Lang that hard of an exam?</p>

<p>Your English 11 might be different from AP Lang. In my school Eng 11 is pretty much Brit Lit. AP Lang focuses on the rhetorics, meaning how an author uses devices to achieve his/her purpose in the writing. And yes it is possible; the two courses could be different, but others have self studied it and done well on the exam.</p>

<p>If you are naturally good at English, the exam is a piece of cake. You can totally do it with an Honors English class, but you need to get CliffsAP for English Language. That book will help you pass the exam.</p>

<p>Yeah, at least get a review book or a friend who's taking the AP class. While it is possible to pass the exam without any assistance, there are special format instructions with which you might need to be familiar (knowing how to use sources for synthesis essay, knowing literary terms, knowing time limits, reading exactly what the question is asking, etc).</p>

<p>The most important parts of the review book are the practice MCs and the explanation of the exam format. Use those to get you ready for the exam.</p>