What are examples of honors that you may put down, or may not put down, in the Honors section? I am thinking of filling it with specific awards from competitions such as HOSA, FBLA, Quiz Bowl, etc. but I’m not sure if that’s the best way to go about it.


If you will be listing an Activity/EC such as FBLA, consider including the award(s) won there in the activity description. It’s more cohesive and concise for the reader, and you’re not repeating your (FBLA) involvement in two places. AOs have lots of applications to read through, I think it’s to your benefit to be concise, and to use the space you have on the application to your best advantage.

The honors section is for medals on national exams (like the National Spanish Exam), National Merit Scholars (commended/semi finalist/finalist, etc), cum laude, etc.