What does is take to get in to the Honors Program? Are test scores an element (at a school that doesn’t require them). D is a rotten tester ACT-23 with a 4.0 UW and 4.5 W. Good EC, NHS etc. Killer references. Will that 23 keep her out of honors?

Maybe. The key is to show a lot of interest in the school. Meet with professors in her major, visit, talk to others students etc… honors does not come out with the admission letter (at least not for Early Action) so if she’s really interested show them the love even after getting admitted (so she’ll be considered for honors).

That’s great advice @suzyQ7 , thanks. Never any harm in showing the love. For example, Barnard’s official information says that Student Interest isn’t considered but the admissions lady at the info session made it clear that you need to emphasize that Barnard is your one and only love. If you didn’t apply ED you should explain that it’s for financial reasons and be clear that you didn’t do ED anywhere else. You will kill yourself if you aren’t accepted.