Hood College

<p>I am looking for people who may know how life is at Hood College and mostly academics and the local area. Is it a good school to transfer to from a state school? Thank You.</p>

<p>From The Princeton Review</p>

Students enjoy "a broad and productive education combined with a relaxed and fun campus life" at Hood College, a small private liberal arts college featured on many 'best college bargains' lists (including The Princeton Review's). "Known for its education major," as well as for strong programs in biology, economics, and mathematics, Hood features "great overall academics" reinforced by small class sizes that facilitate a "wonderful" learning environment and the "easy flow" of discussion. Students caution that "most of the classes are moderately difficult and the level of conversation and debate is usually top-notch. If you like to reason, debate, and create well-rounded arguments, this is the place for you." Professors "will go as far as inviting you over for dinner to discuss a project, mourn a loss, or just to give advice," and administrators are "engaging and enjoyable." One student exclaims, "They are the reason I call my college 'my Hood, my home.' The administration will go as far as hugging a homesick freshman or making us all breakfast-for-dinner the night before finals!" On the downside, "classes that are required for graduation aren't always offered when they are needed," which is a common problem at small schools.</p>

<p>Campus Life:
Hood is located in Frederick, a town of 60,000 "near Washington D.C., Baltimore, and Annapolis, which all provide great urban environments for having fun." Downtown Frederick is "right off campus" and "provides good food, shopping, and socializing" as well as opportunities to "explore old historic buildings." The one drawback is that "Frederick still shuts down pretty early at night, so most of us have to get inventive if we want to have fun after 9 p.m. off campus. We'll end up playing flashlight tag or going on scavenger hunts through town in the dark." On campus "the school always provides something for us to do," including "New York day-trips, movie night when they pay for our tickets to see the movie of our choice, and tons of free activities for weekend fun." There are also traditions "such as Pergola Party, Policies for Dollars, Handel's Messiah with the United States Naval Academy, Spring Parties weekend, Hood Ball, Vespers, and Holiday Dinner just to name a few," all of which "are an important part of what makes Hood so special." Even so, many students "leave for the weekend, so usually by lunchtime on Friday it's pretty empty."</p>

<p>Student Body:
Nobody is the same at Hood, one student reports, but "if you had to pinpoint a 'typical' student it would probably either be a white, politically moderate girl majoring in psychology or a tall, jock-like guy who's majoring in biology or chemistry. But really, even they are only a small percentage of our population." Another agrees that Hood students "are a small but very diverse group. There are students who have every possible religious, political, racial and sexual affiliation." Hood is home to "a lot of foreign exchange students and a lot of special-needs...They all make Hood such a rich environment...we're like a big family."</p>

<p>Being a MD native, approx 30 minutes from Hood College, I can tell you that this is not a very well respected school. Usually left for the lower end of students, and most of them would opt for a community college and then to transfer to a better school.</p>

<p>Whoa post #3!!! Can you back that up? If Hood is so bad, why does it have a joint environmental science program with Duke University?</p>

<p>^LakeWashington, every college in the US has a joint engineering program with Columbia and Washington University haha</p>

<p>I am just wondering why the bad stigma of Hood College. I am also wondering if it is a commuter school?</p>

<p>Hood is a well-respected regional LAC. Downtown Frederick is absolutely charming. You should email Hood and ask about the ratio between commuting students and students who live in campus.</p>