"Hooked" Essay or Quirky Essay?

<p>I'm in a dilemma. Should i make my main commonapp essay about my application "hook" or about my something quirky? </p>

<p>So far, feedback has gone both ways. The "hook" opponents told me that i'm bragging a bit and basically putting very bluntly, "look i'm a good candidate for your school." <----but i thought that if you had a "hook" you should write about it? </p>

<p>so confused, please help, it means a lot!!!</p>

<p>i'd recommend some specificity if you want a useful answer</p>

<p>Why not do both? Make it a quirky essay about your hook.</p>

<p>hooked essay: talks about my main extracurricular activity, something with a lot of initiative but with a slight twist, volunteerbased, spend more than 1000 hours working in this</p>

<p>quirky essay: about a childhood triviality that i overcame with my friends help, sentimental tone</p>

<p>both a slightly comical and have nice parallelism</p>

<p>your hook is an EC... so write about it in the EC essay and make your main common app essay quirky! what's wrong with that?</p>