Hooks question

<p>Are any of these considered hooks whatsoever?</p>

<h1>1 - Neither of my parents/grandparents/great grandparents/etc. etc ever attended college.</h1>

<h1>2- The only two people in my extended family that have ever attended college have attended Harvard (both being married to each other). They're a second cousins or something of that sort, and I'm actually well-acquainted with one of them. He's written numerous books and donates LOTS of money to Harvard (I mean a lot. The guys insanely rich). He wrote an additional LOR for me actually and it was possibly the greatest thing I've ever read (maybe not that extreme :P)</h1>

<h1>3- My family makes about $25,000 - $30,000. Total.</h1>

<h1>4- My brother and I (identical twins, in fact!) are the highest two students my school has ever had, given it is not the greatest school in the world. We've taken the most APs at the school ever, received the most 5s on the tests, have the highest GPAs in school history, and have the highest SATs in school history (2400 and 2380). Only two people in school history have gone to Cornell and one went to Harvard (about 30 years ago, with an SAT score of 1100, but insanely good at wrestling) with class sizes of 300 for the past ~80 years. That's it for ivies. My counselor wrote about this fact actually... I'm just wondering if Harvard cares about being the best student in an 80 year school history.</h1>

<p>I'm just interested if any of this actually makes the slightest influence.</p>

I'm just wondering if Harvard cares about being the best student in an 80 year school history.


<p>I mean......</p>

<p>Every school has a "best in its history."</p>

<p>And a lot are probably class of '09, since the pool is getting more and more competitive...!</p>

<p>Eatingfood I don't mean to sound obnoxious haha, but do they care that much, considering no student in my school has ever gotten over a 2250 (or a 1500 before that) and the school is 80 years old. Obviously it sucks. It's obviously not comparable to being the best ever in a prestigious high school, but then again excelling where excelling is rare...</p>

<p>=[ j</p>

<p>IMO I think that you and your brother's accomplishments and situation willl make a big difference in you applications. </p>

<p>Considering the fact that you guys are the top students not only this year but in the last 80 years of your school's academic history is very impressive! </p>

<p>It's not so easy excelling and being the best in a crappy school. It's also not easy excelling academically when you have a low income. I can relate to both of these circumstances; however, your situation is much more impressive. </p>

<p>You and your brother are really talented but you have to remeber that academics is not the only factor in admissions. Overall though, you guys have a great chance! Good Luck!</p>