hooks, they're so pointy??

<p>so i'm wondering, how effective(?dunno if thats the right word to use) are hooks like these,
URM, immigrant (somalian)
escaped from civil war
10yrs in the Us
extremely low-income family-both parents are disabled thus unemployed
first generation to go to college, or even apply
fluency in 2 languages (somali/english, plus a third which i'm in the 5th level of(french), a 4th which i can only read (arabic).</p>

<p>would all these be factored as one hook, or do they have the potential to be multi-hooks? are sum of these even hooks at all? thnx in advance for the responses.</p>

<p>that is a HUGE hook. sepecially if you remember the civil war and can write an essay about it.</p>

<p>ya i was thinkin of incorparating this in my first essay( the civil war, not the other stuff) for gtown, but i gotta keep it from sounding like a whiny paper, like"woe is me", and keep it strictly business if possible. i've got 2 days left, talk about last minute.</p>

<p>amazing hook, but you posted your stats in another thread and they are incredibly low for a highly selective university. it'll be interesting to see what happens. Good luck! You sound really interesting.</p>

<p>"it'll be interesting to see what happens."</p>

<p>indeed. even tho its at my expense,</p>

<p>Maden10, don't take it the wrong way at all. I'm just intrigued by the whole college admissions process and who is accepted and what not. Same thing applies to me (I was deferred EA).</p>

<p>Btw, how hard is arabic to learn? I'm thinking about learning it in college after I finish mastering spanish.</p>

<p>parts of the arabic language are intertwined in my language (somali) and so from my stand point i;d say it was fairly easy to learn how to read it, however i'm still learning the language itself and am far from fluent. but in ur situation, assuming you've had no experience in the language whatsoever, i'd say its still pretty easy-decent to learn. Compared to learning french, which is tuff(bias, it could just be me), it might be just as tough if not more for you, since the accent is alot heavier and the text is very different.</p>