Hoosac/Kent's Hill?

Wondering if anyone has any feedback that could help regarding Hoosac or Kents Hill? I know it they are very small schools which is why it is not easy to find much on them. It is a one-year deal for my son for Grade 12 Varsity hockey. My son has a 90+ average in sciences. (his current school pulled the rug on their varsity hockey team in Canada).

I knew a kid who went to Kents Hill ages ago - probably too long ago to be valuable to you or anyone else! He was a bright kid with mild LD and was well supported. He was also able to ski. No complaints about the school.

hello! are they accepted or applying on late apps? i got accepted for late applications last week in kents hill and they’re a nice community. plenty of opportunities in sports, especially skiing / cold ones but i’m not attending because of it’s location. i think new york vs maine is a really big difference if he wants to consider that.

kents hill has great academics though, esp in school courses, but i don’t know alot about hoosac. goodluck to you and your family!

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I love that part of Maine, so for me, that would be a plus!

But it’s not really easy to get to.

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My son is in the process of recruitment. Hoosac is much closer for us. We know Hoosac is much smaller which is why we are doing our due diligence. My son plays hockey and we are used to the cold, but, Kent’s Hill is a good 5 hour drive through the woods (not the greatest in winter).

I recommend choosing the right community. It’s only a one year commitment. The distance would be a much bigger deal if your son were a freshman, and you were considering a 5 hour drive for 4 years.

For this one year to do what you all want it to do for him, the school academics, extracurricular offerings, and student body become even more important than for families looking for a place for a freshman or sophomore to land.

A consultant recommended Kents Hill to my middle son last year. He applied and got in, but he’s not sporty and ended up choosing a different school. In all our interactions with Kents Hill, it seemed like a great place.

I don’t know anything about Hoosac.


My freshman got accepted there, also for hockey. We opted for another school closer to family. Otherwise, we would have gone there. We liked the campus a lot, and they had many great offerings. They were warm, straight forward, and easy to talk to. We were able to tour and really liked the area as well.

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We have not been able to visit but, have been very impressed by the candor and genuinely friendly spirit of everyone there. Because the school is so small, there are always concerns. It is hockey focused with my son is totally fine with. It is making sure the academics are had a high enough standard which is key for us. As a family, we’ve visited Lake George area numerous times (it is 2-3 hour drives). Beautiful area.

FYI. My son accepted an offer at Hoosac for Grade 12. We were very impressed with everyone we spoke to during the process. (My son’s hockey program was cut (announced in March!) for next year so you can imagine how difficult the process was to find a Grade 12 and a hockey spot!).


Huge congrats to you and your son! Amazing pivot in the face of very challenging circumstances. What a great outcome.

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Not the greatest of situations but a great outcome. My son basically started the process on March 15. I give him full credit. He reached out various hockey coaches, asked and went through the tough process of hearing a lot of “no room”, “Too late” “No FA”.
He really liked Hoosac and it was reciprocal so we are delighted it worked out.