HOPE Scholarship

<p>With HOPE heading toward being need-based rather than merit-based, what do you think will happen to UGA admissions? I'm thinking they'll become much less competitive as top students start seeking out-of-state deals. HOPE was a great incentive to stay in state but with its demise imminent, I know we'll be looking elsewhere.</p>


<p>You will still get in state tuition. Even with the demise of Hope Georgia state schools are still a lot cheaper than going OOS.</p>

<p>There are factions urging a need-based approach, but what are you referring to as HOPE's "imminent demise?" The new middle school, need-based program that the Governor announced isn't HOPE and doesn't replace HOPE.</p>

<p>Unless your child gets significant merit from an out of state or private university, UGA and Tech are tremendous values even without HOPE.</p>

<p>The proposal to make HOPE needs based (which probably has some merit) is going nowhere. The republicans don't support it and therefore, it won't get any traction.</p>

<p>Now, you can expect the amount to decrease over time, but even so, UGA etc will most likely be your best bet from a financial perspective. If finances don't matter, then I have a hard time understanding how the 8-10 thousand that HOPE covers is a big incentive to stay in state.</p>