<p>Please evaluate chances for my reach schools:
UChicago EA
Boston College
Boston U

<p>Asian/white female
suburban public school
top 15% (there's massive grade inflation at my school, and the fact that i wasn't grade conscious in grades 9-10 hurt my rank)
1540 SAT
Writing 800, US History 800, Chemistry 720
one of the most rigorous courseloads (not the most rigorous, since i chose not to take AP Comp Sci because i'm just not that interested in it)
9 APs (one self-study), five 5's so far, four others pending</p>

-20-hour/week job
-marathon runner (finished in top 8% in the most recent race)
-run/walk fundraising events (raised $6,000 total in 4 years)
-400+ hours of community service (all tutoring oriented)
-leader of youth group in community (city hall meetings, planning youth events, fundraising, small-scale protests)
-founded political club (active through petitions, letters to media, speakers)
-started current events discussion group at a local school (analyzing national newspapers, discussing issues, writing letters to editors, promoting human rights awareness)
-student body president (grade 12)</p>

-finalist, National History Day (paper category), advanced to nationals for 3 years
-The Concord Review (competition for history enthusiasts): 1 above average paper, one superior paper (~top 2-7% of all submitted). Emerson prize (the most coveted award) is up for grabs at this point. i'm sending in 3 more papers.</p>

-one will be written by UChicago alumnus who's also responsible for introducing me to the university. i visited and loved it, so now i'm applying EA.</p>

<p>come on guys, i don't bite. and even if i do, my fangs are not poisonous.</p>

<p>Your ECs and scores are great. I think you have a great chance. Best of luck.</p>

<p>hey thanks archermom. neither my parents nor my guidance counselor is knowledgeable about college admissions so i turned to this forum for advice.</p>

<p>You are above and beyond the students accepted from my son's school last year. You should feel confident, but not so confident that you don't get your other applications done while you wait!</p>

<p>thanks, midwesterner. but do you really think so? i read that 78% of admitted students are in the top 10%, and i'm thinking the rest of the 22% not in the top 10% are either legacies, athletes, or URMS, none of which i belong to. though i really hope that your prediction is true.</p>

<p>by "athletes," i meant varsity athletic recruits. i don't think i'd be eligible to get this type of preference, since i didn't join cross country in HS. marathon training is already very time consuming and demanding by itself.</p>