...Hopeless ACT Reading?

<p>I started with a 24 ACT Reading. After about two days my ACT Reading is a 28/29, with a 30 one time.</p>

<p>How can I get into the high 33's? I don't understand why I am doing so bad in this section to be honest. And it feels so useless and tiresome to read the answer explanations. </p>

<p>And no, prose fiction isn't my worst. On some tests I get 100% on prose, others I get 50%? Any tricks into scoring higher?</p>

<p>Do many practice reading sections.</p>

<p>I have the same problem as you :/
I've done probably millions of practice tests and I can't get out of the low 30s for some reason... I wish there was a better way to get better at it but idk maybe just try reading more in general, that may help. Most people I know who do very well on reading have always been avid readers since they were young</p>

<p>i read on a regular basis and i think that helped on the reading section...so maybe try to just spend time reading? </p>

<p>ACT reading is actually much better than SAT reading. every answer is definitely in the passage and sometimes it's worded exactly the same. There are no tricks so it's all about just reading it and going back to find the right answers. good luck! (:</p>

<p>After a certain number of practice tests, it should become easier to predict your answer.</p>

<p>Predicting your answer prevents you from being swayed by tempting wrong answer choices.</p>