Hopes & Dreams making me nervous...

<p>I have just been very nervous lately about my chances for getting into an ivy league school for various reasons and I was wondering if some one could give me my chances and tips on improving...that would really be great of you :)</p>

<p>I'll try to make this brief</p>

<p>I'll have at least 14 AP Tests taken by the time I graduate. I am from a small school that does not offer many AP classes so half of these tests will be self-studied (but I expect 4-5 on all)</p>

<p>Regarding grades, I have a 4.0 UW and am 1st in my class valedictorian </p>

<p>Based on my PSAT Scores I am assuming ~2300 on my SATs, and at least one 800 on SAT IIs. Have not taken any others yet.</p>

<p>Extracirriculars: Academic Decathlon (2nd in state as only a sophomore...nationals medals....a very important EC to me), Student Council Prez, NHS Prez, Varsity Athlete, First Chair Musician, Founder of mentoring group</p>

<p>Took College Courses
and attended HOBY this summer </p>

<p>Extensive volunteering @ hospital</p>

<p>Developing Bio Hook/Point: attempting to do USABO, and NIH internship nxt summer</p>

<p>Some of this is "projected" but kept it realistic</p>

<p>Sorry! Just stressing and I felt compelled to make a chance me post, so answers would really help me out :)</p>

<p>Chances really for all Ivy Leagues (but mostly PRINCETON) </p>

<p>Awards: Various Essay Awards and such,</p>

<p>You will get into Princeton.</p>

<p>If all of your predicted stats come out to be true, you have an excellent chance at any school. However remember sometimes things dont always go your way, it's still a crapshoot no matter how well your stats portray your "picture"</p>

<p>Thanks...I just worry that I have nothing on there that makes me "special", and I've just worked so hard for this and I can just feel my dreams getting crushed (1.5 years before the fact)...I'm sorry, just venting, thanks guys</p>

<p>I'm so jealous of you right now...</p>

<p>Sorry, but no one has an excellent chance at Princeton other than a recruited athlete or wealthy legacies. With a sub 10% acceptance rate and most applicants as qualified as you are, chances are slim for all of the unconnected.</p>

<p>You do, however, have the stats to make 97% of the colleges in the US safe. Fall in love with several in addition to Princeton and the ivies.</p>

<p>@ idiotqueen...That's sweet but I actually just saw your chance me thread, you have a 2400!! I think that you stand a great chance at any of the schools you listed!</p>

<p>Does anyone have anything I should alter/add to on my list? I would have more ECs but I go to a very rural school & that's basically the extent of what they offer...</p>

<p>Do you think the self-studying of AP classes helps substantially bc I saw a thread saying Nat AP scholar wasn't anything special which freaked me out. I just want to prove that despite the fact that i'm from a small school, I would be prepared for college</p>

<p>@redroses...so true, so true :(</p>

<p>Oh and I already posted a thread about this, but do you think me self-studying latin would be worthwhile? It was something that I was interested in and thought it would show initiate. Would my time be better spent elsewhere?</p>

<p>@sophomore sadly...i'm lacking in every way cept for the SATs, which count less and less over time T^T</p>

<p>It's hard to chance projected stats. Make one of these after you've done all the things you say you are going to do.</p>

You will get into Princeton.


<p>Your confidence that the OP will be accepted into an institution renowned for its single digit acceptance rate is absurdly ludicrous.</p>

<p>As for me, I'm predicting a case of burnout.</p>

<p>Someone has got to get in...</p>

Someone has got to get in...


<p>I'm not saying no one gets into Princeton (which is ridiculous). What I am saying is that there's no guarantee that the OP will be accepted. To lead him to believe so would be unnecessarily inflating his hopes, setting him up for failure, and doing him a serious disservice.</p>

<p>^Yeah you're right. Of course there's no guarantee in getting, but as some honest feedback, i personally do think sophomore120164 has a decent chance for acceptance.</p>

<p>@ cb0610....thanks, I really do hope so much that I will accomplish that</p>

<p>@ anasianstudent....don't worry burn out is not going to happen :) bc I enjoy all the work I put into everything</p>

<p>Thanks for comments everyone! Anything else would be great</p>

<p>Who gets into collges like Princeton with a sub 10% acceptance rate? Half the class will be kids with hooks. Then they need kids from all 50 states and 40 odd countries. The average great student has little chance. For that look at schools with at least a 15% acceptance rate.</p>

<p>But do you see any ways that I could improve my chances before then?</p>

<p>Your SAT needs to be really 2300+.
Otherwise, good job!</p>

<p>^ Any suggestions on ECs? That's what I'm most nervous about :)</p>

<p>I will send you my ECs, and we compare.

<p>Sounds good!</p>