Hoping and praying i get rejected from HYP....to go to Dartmouth!

<p>I received admission to Dartmouth and after spending eons on their website, I decided that Dartmouth is a real MATCH (not in terms of chances LOL) for me. With the D plan and their trisemester calendar, I would be able to major in Neuroscience, minor in English and History, and STILL be able to study spanish abroad. Unlike other ivies (namely Harvard, Princeton, and Yale) doing premed + other non-science activities wouldnt be a big balancing act. But the thing is, my parents are not letting me go there IF I get into Harvard or Yale (deferred EA), which they think i’m “destined” to get into. How do i explain to my parents that </p>

<li>there is a chance i may NOT get into harvard or yale</li>
<li>and even if i do get in, i probably dont want to attend those schools.</li>

<p>A lot of people feel the way your parents do, until they talk with successful people that went to these schools and do some independent research. I was one of them. For some, the more you learn about Dartmouth the more it becomes the #1 college to attend for undergraduate school. Then, go to Harvard or Yale for graduate school. My son turned down Harvard for Dartmouth, and has no regrets and is enjoying his decision. I am hopeful my daughter makes the same decision.</p>

<p>Vicky_Sky, Dartmouth is my top choice too. Try to convince your parents that the outstanding "name recognition" of Harvard or Yale isn't all that matters, and it's YOUR decision where you go to college. I think Dartmouth is cheaper too... maybe that will sway them. Yale and Harvard focus on grad students anyways; you can always apply there later.</p>

<p>Dartmouth study abroad in Spain = THE GREATEST EXPERIENCE OF MY ENTIRE LIFE.</p>


<p>And I never would have done it if I hadn't gone to a school with a trimester system.</p>

<p>what did you study in Spain?</p>



<p>Who is paying?</p>

<p>i don't think "who is paying" is relevant.</p>

<p>each school costs @50k per year.</p>

<p>now..if the parents said we can't afford Dartmouth, you are going to Lakeview CC..then yes.</p>

<p>parents appear somewhat "unparentlike" in this case.</p>

<p>Dartmouth isn't cheaper than anywhere. And if it is, it's like $84 a year cheaper.</p>

<p>take your parents up to hanover to visit the campus (you should, as well). parents usually seem to like the place.</p>

<p>yeah, i m definitely going to dimensions this april. hopefully, they'll fall in love with the place at first sight. </p>

<p>and yeah, the funny thing is my expected family contribution is zero AND i would have to work this summer to buy clothes (a big furry jacket haha) and a laptop for college. so they really shouldnt tell me where i can and cant go.</p>

<p>Perhaps you could tout the greatly reduced availability of drugs and prostitutes in the wilds of NH vs the evil cities of Cambridge and New Haven. I don't know of that will work as well for a young lady as for a young gentleman.LOL</p>

<p>what typically happens, about half way between Hanover and the airport, is parents say: "What a comfortable place for our son/daughter to enjoy four years in making themselves the best that they can be...... and heck, nice place for us to visit too..... its a darn vacation everytime you visit and our kid(s) will be happy there. Like President Jim Yong Kim said, it is a great place to think.</p>

<p>Scary stuff goes on in Cambridge...and I'm not talking about the theoretical physics xD</p>

You are describing the typical reaction during early Fall or late Spring.
The typical reaction in Winter is; "Well, it's not quite as bad as the University of Chicago".</p>

<p>not true.</p>

<p>I visited D in early January and IvyGreen hit the nail on the head.</p>

<p>There is just something about that place...difficult to express...it just feels well "comfortable".</p>

<p>BigG, personaly we prefer visiting in the Fall and Winter, because we enjoy the color change, cold, and snow, which we find one of the prettiest times to visit. We're not from the NE and enjoy the change of scenery. Quite a different scene and feel than Chicago in the Winter. There are great places to visit and enjoy in the Winter in both NH and VT.</p>

I am being flamed by insane snow lovers.</p>

<p>I have to admit that Hanover is a charming college town.</p>

<p>Having actually attended the U of C, and being a major U of C lover, I have to say that there is no comparison. Hanover and Dartmouth are charming at all times of the year. (I admit I love snow. :) )</p>



<p>Of course it's relevant. If you are expecting your parents to shell out big bucks, they are entitled to some say on how their money gets spent. But if you are paying the whole amount yourself, then it's totally your call. Ideally, you'll be able negotiate a solution that satisfies both you and your parents.</p>

<p>^^I was about to say the same thing, albeit less tactfully. :)</p>