Hoping for admission into Spring Semester....

<p>Hi, I'm not particularly new to CC but I just decided to activate my account now, the day before Berkeley's decision comes out. So far I have gotten into UCSD, UCSB, UCI, UCD and rejected from UCLA. I know it's naive to think I have a chance at CAL, but I have a glitter of false hope that I may be accepted in the Spring Semester.
My general stats:
3.87 UC Gpa , 3.56 UW
2100 SAT -740 CW 730 Math 630 Writing
EC: Currently a Life Scout, wrote in app that I'm waiting for my Eagle Court of Honor
Volunteered to mentor an autistic child over summer
Overall, o.k. ECs.
Essays: Fairly good</p>

<p>So if anyone else is in the same boat as me, post here!</p>

<p>And also, anyone know the statistics of spring admits?</p>

<p>Gluck everyone!!!!</p>

<p>If you've applied to the college of letters and science, you have a decent chance of being admitted. Your SAT is above average, but your GPA might hurt.</p>

<p>Are you instate? That determines a lot (if you aren't...yeah your chances are very very slim).</p>

<p>hey im a life scout too waiting for my eagle, i got rejected from LA too. my GPA is around the same as yours, maybe a little higher weighted, SATS are 120 points lower, i think good essays, and i also have around 8 years of Taekwondo (2nd degree black belt). cant wait to get rejected!!!</p>

<p>is college of letters and sciences the most impacted?</p>

<p>No, engineering is. L&S is the least competitive of the colleges.</p>

<p>would the Practice of Art Major be under letters and sciences?</p>

<p>yeah i forgot to mention that im an instate, asian male and the first of my family to go to college. heh, glad to know there are other people in the same boat as i am.</p>

<p>a couple of more hours.. hang in there</p>

<p>lets brace ourselves!</p>

<p>wow we're lowkey in the same boat like i got rejected from ucla, my gpa is higher than yours (4.1uc) but my sat is lower and i bet my sat2s are lower cus theyre crap. i really hope i get even spring admit. like i just want to get into berkeley i dont know why, prolly so i can feel less sad about getting rejected by la. lol</p>

<p>Spring Admit!!</p>

<p>nice spring admits can u post here please?</p>

<p>rejected, going to SD!</p>